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2011 starts on a positive note

posted Feb 15, 2011, 10:16 PM by AFFORD Webmaster

The year 2011 has started in good spirits. All children went to stay with relatives or friends during the Christmas holidays but they were all very happy to come back “home” after Christmas.


2010 was a special year for the orphans, in April they all moved into the beautiful new home and they have never looked back. The new home has such a good feel to it with its lively colors and the beautiful open spaces. The children seem so very happy. They all help with the daily chores like cooking, cleaning, washing their clothes and working in the garden. In the rainy season we never had to buy any vegetables because we had plenty in the garden. The boys seem to be better cooks than the girls…..


In May 2010 Mary and Hannington, the house parents, had their first baby, a little girl they named Valeria. She gets totally spoilt by all the children in the home and brings a homely feeling to the place.


Later in 2010 we got 2 new children, Margaret and Peter, they are siblings and they are also cousins to Sammy and Phillip. They settled in very fast into the daily life in the home.

In November a very young mother left her baby in the hospital and the staff were very upset. They looked after her for 3 months until she was transferred to a home in Kitale where they are able to look after babies. We only admit children from the age of 5 years. At that age they are able to look after themselves with regard to daily activities like eating, washing and getting dressed. Little baby Blessing , as she was baptized by the catholic Father , will have a good home in Kitale in a place run by American missionaries and maybe she will come back to us when she is 5 years old.


Around that time we also got a 9 year old girl, an orphan, who was raped at the home of her uncle by a neighbor. The children’s officer asked if we could look after her until it was clear what they would to do with her. After 1 week she was transferred to a home in Kitale but because she was still getting bothered over there by her family she will come back to us again. She was very happy in our home even though she was still very traumatized by what had happened to her. We hope that she can now stay with us and settle in well. Mary will work with her on the trauma counseling.


This week yet another girl came to stay in the home , also temporarily until she can go to the Andersen secondary school dormitory. Mercy is 14 years and has always been sponsored by well wishers since she was 6 years old. She stayed in a home for disabled children in Endebess, between the farm and Kitale town, because she does not have arms.

She is a gorgeous girl and so happy despite her severe disability. The girls accepted her in their middle like a sister and one of the girls volunteered to wash her daily and to wash her clothes for her.


The last newcomer to the house is a little cat called Koki. He is very sweet and the children love cuddling him. Now we are looking for a puppy as well and we will build the chicken pen soon.

This all seems to revolve around girls but in the mean time the boys are doing also very well. They form a good team and look out for each other.

Now that the home is running smoothly we are going to work on getting more children into the home. At the moment we are 20 and we can go up comfortably to 36 and even to 40. If really necessary we can house 48 children but that would be a bit of a squeeze. We always keep some spaces open for emergency cases from the Children’s Office , those are usually children who need temporary shelter until they can be safely placed elsewhere.


With the donations from AFFORD we have been able to run the home at a comfortable level. Enough food, clothes and sometimes a treat. Everybody is going to school in a nice uniform. The house is clean; the children get medical help when they are ill. 2 girls even got admitted in the district hospital for chronic problems. The house parents are very compassionate and sensible.

Thanks to AFFORD these children get a second chance in life after a difficult start loosing both their parents.

Thank you AFFORD for making that possible!