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June 2009 News

posted Oct 15, 2009, 8:02 AM by AFFORD Webmaster   [ updated Nov 1, 2012, 7:55 PM by Greg ]
Finally we were able to move into the new home. We had to wait for the final touches and the water supply.On Thursday 15th of April we moved. The new home looks wonderful with bright colors and new furniture.                                                  All children got new bedding and trunks to store their personal belongings.We also have new staff in the home:Mary , the social worker is in charge of the home.Her husband Hannington is a house parent and in charge of maintenance and homework supervision.   

Martha is the cook and the deputy of Mary

Josephine is a social worker who wants to become a nun and to study social work. 

Mary is now on maternity leave. On Monday 3rd of May her little daughter was born . Only 2.6kg. The children are delighted with their little sister. 

The children have adapted very quickly to their new environment. They are proud of their new bedrooms and keep them very tidy. The new kitchen is spacious and all children help with the cooking.

They have learnt how to use the flush toilets - new to them because they always used a pit latrine. 

Anke , our sponsor from Holland for the school came and helped to sort out all the donated items that had arrived in April. The children now have lots of new toys and clothes and lovely warm duvets. A luxury in Kenya.

 The whole process of moving house has brought extra expenses of course:

2 new woodstoves were fitted in the kitchen.                              ( Kshs200,000)

A lot of new utensils and plates and cups were bought               ( kshs 100,000)

Trunks for storage, bedding and mattresses                               ( ksks100,000)

Extra water tanks for the collection of rainwater                          ( kshs70, 000)

Beds for the extra staff                                                             ( kshs10,000)

 We still need to buy sofa sets for the TV corner. A TV/video set, 2 computers, satellite TV connection with solar, 6 extra bunk beds with bedding, a water heating system. More water tanks. 2 bicycles, building a garden shed, building a garbage pit with incinerator.

 Apart from all that we have of course our monthly bill for food and shopping: currently that is                                                                              25000 kshs.

 At the moment we have 17 children and 2 children are already selected to join the home.

We have 6 bedrooms which can each take a maximum of 4 bunk beds.

That is 6 X 8 = 48 children . Our plan is to first go to

30 children in 2010, then

36 in 2011 and

40 in 2012.

We will keep 6 beds for emergency cases.

 With the increase of number of children the costs of living will go up by 2000 kshs pp per month. They will need beds and uniforms and we will have to buy extra utensils.

 The children have all done very well in school and their performance is improving in general. We have identified special needs with some of the children and will attend to that as well.

 In 2011 a number of children will go to secondary school. That means costs in terms of school fees, uniforms , books etc.

 Our home is classified as one of the best homes in the district and even in the country. Mainly because all children are officially committed to the home and we have qualified staff.  Also we encourage our children to stay with relatives over the holidays as to not loose contact with them and to make the integration in the society easier once they are going to leave the home. This is unusual in Kenya.