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August Update

posted Aug 7, 2010, 2:21 AM by AFFORD Webmaster   [ updated Aug 7, 2010, 3:38 AM ]
After moving into the home in April the children have settled in very well. We have added 2 children : Margaret of 5 years old and her brother james who is 7. James is HIV positive. We have done all the tests for him but so far his health is OK. They are cousins of Sammy and Philip. The new children have been taken up into the group quickly.

 Mary, the house mother ,  went on maternity leave after her little baby girl was born early in May. The children in the home are very pleased with their new “sister”. While Mary was on leave her husband Hannington was in charge and he did very well . he looks after the maintenance and repairs in the home and the study time of the children. He was assisted by a volunteer and a student on attachment. All went well. Mary is now back.

 In may we had a visit from the Provincial Children’s officer from Nakuru. A stern man but he was very complimentary about the home and our approach. We was particularly impressed with the fact that we had officially committed all children to the home and that we have already thought about exit/reintegration strategies.

 The children are doing well in school and are slowly improving. Some hold high positions in their class.

At the moment it is school holidays and the children have gone to stay with their relatives. It is policy in the home to stay in touch with the relatives as much as possible.

 We have struggled a bit with the fact that there is no electricity yet at the home but the solar panels are in the container which is on it’s way from Holland to Kenya and in a few months time we will have solar power. This was donated by a sponsor in Holland and will cost about euro 20,000.

Hannington is working hard in the gardens with the children and they now grow their own vegetables. In the last term we will start with a small poultry project, we will plant more trees on the compound and we will look into a getting a cow.

We will also equip the home with more furniture.


For January 2011 we plan to introduce 10 more children to the home and we want to explore the possibilities to add a foster parents plan to the home for those children ( Orphans ) who are still able to stay with relatives but who need assistance for schooling and medical care.


There is a plan for 2011/2012 to build another dormitory and living room for the special needs children  next to the home. They will then share the kitchen facilities and the compound.

The SN children currently have to travel far to and from school and therefore they often drop out.

Funding for this building project is sought in Holland.


Bea Andersen ,

August 2010.