Our Orphanage - Mount Elgon Trust Children’s Home

Outside the home

This is the Mount Elgon Trust building. There are two main entrances one at the front and one at the back. A spacious playing area for the children and a garden for growing fruit and vegetables.

Inside the home

This is the living room space. There are six sofa sets for the children to sit and share time together playing games, praying or watching television.

This is the big common eating space, with tables and chairs for the twenty four orphans to enjoy their meals. It links to the living room space creating a nice spacious open plan living space. It is also used for art activities and writing.

This is one of two study areas. The children have homework given to them by their school teacher most days and so from 7pm until 8pm they have study time. The house parents assist the younger children in their studies.

This is the kitchen, with three large sufurias and gikos (cooking pots and fire stove) for the house parents and children to prepare breakfast and supper. There is also a store, two small gas hobs, two sinks and drinking water.

This space leads into the male bathrooms with three showers, three toilets and four sinks. The female bathrooms are on the opposite side, with the same.

It also leads into the outside area for washing clothes which has four taps, a water tower and a washing line.

This is one of the girl’s dormitory rooms. There are six dormitory rooms, three for boys and three for girls. Each room has three bunk beds, with a mosquito net. The children are encouraged to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Each child also has their own truck box to store their belongings in.