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About Us

AFFORD is a charity that was set up to provide the funds to support orphans in the care of the Mount Elgon Trust



The Trust was started by Dr Bea Andersen in Kenya  
Her first project was to convert Bob’s grandparents’ old home on Mt Elgon Orchards into a clinic. Here she began seeing her first patients from the surrounding area including both Kenyans and nearby Ugandans.
Bea’s parents began fund raising in Holland for the medical supplies and the project grew rapidly now treating 30,000 patients per year.
Bea’s work in the community spread to more and more projects and eventually it was decided to set up a foundation, the Mount Elgon Trust, to secure the future of the projects.
The Andersen family have farmed on Mt Elgon for three generations and have always helped the local people to some degree with employment, first aid and a small school.

When Bob Andersen married Bea, a doctor from Holland, the local community immediately began to benefit enormously from her amazing strength, energy and compassion.

The Trust Projects include:
Projects                                             Project Sponsor
  • Andersen Medical Centre          SOK/DEG/MEO
  • Orthopaedic project                   SOK/MEO
  • Aids project                                SOK/DEG/MEO
  • Orphanage                                 AFFORD Australia/MEO
  • Primary school                           Elimu/MEO
  • Secondary school                       Elimu/MEO
  • Craft school                                Elimu/MEO
  • Special needs school                 Elimu/MEO
  • Village schools                           Elimu/MEO
  • Environmental project                 Elimu/MEO/MENOFA

The trust is managed by 5 trustees: Bea Andersen, Bob Andersen, Cherry Dale, the Catholic Bishop and a community representative. The trust owns the hospital, school and other buildings, and the land upon which they are built.